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DoaWeO Spook Design2 by TinCanLenny
DoaWeO Spook Design2
Inspired by Daemon and Phantomon from Digimon, Spook was actually going to be a part of my very first website, however as the site progressed, his role in it got smaller and smaller until it was non-existent. He now sits atop my pinacle of favorite 2010-2011 drawings and is still waiting a new role to play~

Unfortunately, I couldn't sign this one the way I normally do (on account that my art programs are wigging out tonight) and decided to just use this one. My favorite part of this picture is the eerie optical illusion the eye has in which seems to stare at you regardless of where you look at it from.
Gear Aztec Design by TinCanLenny
Gear Aztec Design
This is Clock Work Remedy, Aztec. Commonly found in ancient ruins deep within jungles of his world, Aztec is a friendly and very capable guide. Contrary to his gangly appearance, Aztec is one of the few Clock-work Remedies that can defend himself and those he is guiding, against the many dangers of the jungle. Fluent in many languages, including dead ones, this living machine spends his downtime wandering the many ruins of lost civilizations and reading what is left of their writings. He knows each plant by name and ability, and is very protective of them.

Designed in 2010, Aztec is the second of my CWR duo who will be getting his own digital painting, the first being Jess - my other ClockWorkRemedy.
Sorry for my absence guys. A lot of stuff has been goin' down since June - my step-dad's in a coma, my website's down and my family and I are still looking for a new place to live. For updates on what's going on with my Family, click here.
Shoot for the Moon Album3 by TinCanLenny
Shoot for the Moon Album3
Shoot for the Moon - album - 1956

1. Dancing on Starlight - Augustine & Sandy duet - jazz - Two people in love go dancing and find themselves dancing on starlight where they leave their troubles and enjoy the view of the earth as they dance amongst the stars, having eyes for only each other and enjoying the idea that they’ll be together for eternity.

2. Shoot for the Moon - August & Threadbare Band - swing - A man meets someone and feeling “lighter than air”, attempts jumps over the moon but ends up landing on it instead. The man pines for his loved one and as he’s pining, he finds a glistening diamond flower on the moon’s surface. Holding up the flower, he sees a shooting star. Seizing his chance to go back to his lover, jumps from the point of the crescent moon and catches a ride on a shooting star, jumping and landing at the door of his loved one’s home. The door opens and he presents his lover the diamond flower from the moon, and they are happy again.

3. Midnight - August & Sandy duet - swing - A couple are enjoying themselves at an extravagant dance party, when the clock chimes midnight. The young woman (Sandy) realizes the time and tries to convince her dance partner that she has to go, while the dance partner (August) tries to convince her to stay.

4. Rise, Rise, Rise -  Instrumental featuring the Thread-bear-band & Augustine as a saxophonist - A musical illustration of the the timidness someone feels when they enter something new, the exhilaration they feel doing it, and finally the accomplishment the feel after finishing.

5. Golden White - Augustine & Sandy duet - A lullaby sung by two lovers as they part, promising that though they may be apart, they have a future of light and happiness ahead of them.

6. Morning Suite - Instrumental featuring the Thread-bear-band & Augustine as a clarinettist- A smooth jazz rendition of a lover waking up to find their beloved beside them, and the pleasant joy and warmth they feel inside them as the dawn breaks.


This is “Shoot for the Moon” done by my Bioshock/Bioshock 2 OC Augustine Black and his girlfriend/fiance (who is another OC in the group I’m in) , Sandra Wilson. This is actually Augustine’s second album, but it’s the first one I finished. (Still working on “Heads & Tails” so expect it soon! ^u^)

Art inspired by Rapture Records from Irrational Games & 2k Games Bioshock and Bioshock 2.

Rapture Records copyright Irrational Games & 2k Games
Jess Design by TinCanLenny
Jess Design
Not sure where steampunk robots fit into Deviant Art's categories, but this is Jess, one of my ClockworkRemedies! Originally made by the apprentice of the Clock Maker Imp, Jess is mostly made of a specially treated wood (since metal is rather scarce where he's at) and was brought to life with a Heartflame that continually heats and cools his springs, causing them to wind and moving, and gives him the personality that he has.

Polite, outgoing and eternally optimistic, Jess is a skilled navigator and can often be found in town helping lost folk find their way. He enjoys word games and loves dancing. He's one of the many Remidies that is allowed to march with his cousin race, the Musicans, without fear of frightening/disturbing them.

Note: This picture is actually really old, like almost 5 years old, and is part of a series of pics that I will be posting (along with their REb00t!renditions!) over then next few weeks. So stay tuned and I hope you enjoy them! ^u^

--- edit:
sorry folks!! attached the wrong file. I be brilliant - lol! XP
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Alright, I did it! I finally submitted something onto Deviant art! Darwee Sosuke is the shining moment right now, but Togeking does have seniority over it since I did Togeking first but uploaded Darwee before it.



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