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fursona Lilly by TinCanLenny
fursona Lilly

Some one asked me yesterday what my Fursona would be and I thought, "Hmmm. What would my fursona be?" I mean, I love doing anthros but I'd never really been into the furry fandom and so never considered what my fursona would be. The first things that came to mind were a cat, an archaeopteryx, and a beetle, but none of them quite fit. Then I remembered my love of moths and how many little white ones would swarm our house in the summer - especially spilosoma virginica moths! I loved how fluffy they were and since they combined my love of insects and all things fluffy, I decided my fursona would be an artistic spilosoma virginica moth girl named Lily~

Lily is an art student who loves the world around her - especially the people in it. Aside from drawing and flying, she enjoys doing volunteer work and helping others in anyway she can. It's not hard for her to get distracted though, and sometimes she needs someone to remind her stay on track instead of following the nearest the light bulb. However, more often than not, her misplaced attention span gives way to her big and loving heart.

Lily is a strong advocate for humanitarian work but believes forcing people to do things like is immoral and takes away from the real purpose of humanitarian aid: supporting one another in hard times and building bonds of Agape - unconditional brotherly love or genuine charity. She has a strong sense of justice and doesn't tolerate gossip or ill speaking of people such as insults, snide remarks, rumors, and general ill willed mockery. Having been bullied during her life as a caterpillar, she knows how much such things can hurt someone and refuses to let anyone get away with hurting someone like that. Her previous experiences has led to her own search for peace and quest to share what she's found with others.

So yeah, this is Lily, my artistic humanitarian fursona. She's pretty intense sometimes but she means well and cares a lot.~ :3

Sal and Sprites
I've been thinking a lot about Sal and Bonely and I think with Sal being a grave keeper and full of positive/good magic, spirits in the grave yard would often appear and talk with Sal. To him, they're full bodied specters. To everyone else, they're soft willow-wisps that seem to follow Sal wherever he goes. I'm still developing them and what they can do, but I know that should Sal ever get into a spot of trouble, these energized spirits are not above possessing living beings in order to help and protect their friend.
Okay, so when I first did Bonely’s demon pixel sprite, it wasn’t spooky or distorted enough to be consistent with Sal’s death/glitch pixel sprite. So I spent all day yesterday making and animating this one for Bonely. I think he turned out A WHOLE LOT CREEPIER than before hand and am pleased that it's quality is consistent with Sal's glitch!shadow gif. :3

This is actually Bonely's more extreme Demon form. In the other one, he's totally willing to take on the "Deal with the Devil" role, while in this form - he's out for either blood or souls. More than likely Souls. Although his flames still act as flames, in this form, they can also act as tendrils - grabbing, holding and burning all at the same time. If he were to be a sin, he would be the sin of Gluttony who cooks and devours his debtors/adversaries alive. What a way to go, huh?
Glitch!Shadow Sal
Edited!Sorry folks, wrote in the description for the wrong art piece. This here is the gif for GlitchShadow!Sal - a form he can only achieve in a certain in-game world where he's somehow killed in his shadow form. Now, you should know that in his shadow form, Sal is invulnerable but absolutely harmless - he can neither harm nor be harmed, so you can't actually kill him. However, should the player find a way to get his hp to 0, Shadow!Sal becomes glitched, forever trapped in that awful moment between life and death. For a fellow like him, it's experiencing the moment you kill him endlessly for time and all eternity. He can't die - which would actually free his soul from said world, but he doesn't have the hp to stay alive - so he's now glitched into the system forever. Not only that, but should anyone make physical contact with him, they too will get caught in the glitch and have their hp flicker from 0 to their max hp. The effect is temporary, but it effectively isolates Sal from physical contact.

This is the reason Demon!Bonely loses his cool, becoming DeathDemon!Bonely, and goes on a rampage searching for the one who effectively murdered his brother.
There is a way to defeat DeathDemon!Bonely, buuuuuuuuuuut that would be telling wouldn't it? ;3
Bonely Bro Sprites by TinCanLenny
Bonely Bro Sprites
More Bonely Sprites - this time featuring his brother, Sal! The first sprite showing Human!Sal & Bonely with the rest showing Skeleton!Bonely & Skeleton!Sal, and finally Demon!Bonely and Faceless!Sal. I am so excited for this pair’s story, IT’S SO GOOD. So I’m trying to write as much as I can but man, these two are just too wonderful, I love ‘em!

Okay, so naming the sprites from top to bottom starting in the far left column: Demon!Bonely, BlackMagicSkeleton!Bonely, Skeleton!Bonely!, ShiftyHuman!Bonely
Next Column: DeathDemon!Bonely, MagicSkeleton!Bonely, MagicHuman!Bonely, Human!Bonely
3'rd Column: GlitchShadow!Sal, SadMagicSkelton!Sal, Skeleton!Sal, Human!Sal
And the last column: Shadow!Sal, SadSkelton!Sal, Melancholy!Sal, UnhappyHuman!Sal

More will come, but probably on a later date. :3
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Alright, I did it! I finally submitted something onto Deviant art! Darwee Sosuke is the shining moment right now, but Togeking does have seniority over it since I did Togeking first but uploaded Darwee before it.



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