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Hazmas and Machim by TinCanLenny
Hazmas and Machim
 This is my fantroll Hazmas Pochim and his lusus Machim. (mama chimp) Hazmas is a military engineer specializing in both mechanical and biological weapons. He likes clothes but because of his work (and his lusus), his wardrobe has become strictly durable and utilitarian. His weapon and tool of choice is his enormous wrench (which he uses to beat back Machim when she’s feeling “playful”). He and his lusus have a rough-love relationship with, Machim being a pt affectionate parent until she decides to play “POUNCE THE BABY!” and pounces Hazmas while his back is turned. This has led to Hazmas installing mirrors on just about every flat surface in his home and carry around his own hand-held mirror just in case. (Though that's not to say he doesn't "POUNCE" her back~ XD)

(Note!: I know Trolls' clothes are usually monochrome, but I liked the green/brown coloration better. I also mixed up on his horn coloration. XP)


Fish Baribus by TinCanLenny
Fish Baribus
After being captured by the Massacar, James Phelandus Hebers, Baribus was forced to ingest a concoction meant to give men the strength of bogles (the monsters that inhabit Half-Continent) by augmenting a part of them with bogle essence. Through this vile elixir, he had begun to change from the inside out - resulting in the darkening of his whole character. However, the end result of this draft would not be seen until years after his death at sea. However, fate was not finished with yim.

When he awoke, he found himself at the bottom of the sea, partially submerged in the soft sediment and breathing water. Retaining his abilities as a leer, Baribus could see himself as well as all other sea-dwelling creatures that swam or crawled around him - including an gargantuan sea monster he could only guess was a krawlshwimmin or one of the dreaded false-gods themselves. It is through this encounter that he discovers the nature of his predicament, how he in fact, died as an everyman and was reborn as a nadder/monster of the sea via the elixer.

He is then pressed to swear allegiance to the deep-sea master of the region, but he refuses on account of his previous oath to the Heraldy's. In spite of the creature's threat of death, Baribus stays firm and is eventually released and allowed to fulfill his oath on the condition that he swear allegiance to the beast once he is released. Baribus makes no promises except to return to the sea and there on, give his reply.

Baribus now roams the shores and seas of Harth Alle under the name Manse Utterworst, in hopes of finding and/or rescuing Lavinia from their captor, James Hebers, and fulfilling his oath to her father.


Baribus Sthenicon by TinCanLenny
Baribus Sthenicon
Well, here’s some more Baribus art, this time with his Sthenicon on.~

I did this while working on his new About page layout since his timeline actually splits after his time on James Hebers’ island. In this one he survives and goes on a journey to find Lavinia, who escaped from Hebers but now has to deal with a rather powerful pirate of his acquaintance (name soon to come).

However, Baribus is still feeling the affects of the vile draft given to him by Hebers. What started as a painful illness has become a train of unusual events and circumstances. The pain he once felt has vanished and in its place a new kind of strength and resistance to harm. His stamina has also increased and so has his killing instinct. His growing frustration and hatred of James Hebers has only helped to hone this instinct and replace his feelings of mercy with harsh indifference or the fire of a sadistic rage.

And so begins the dark descent of Baribus Thatch.
Baribus Thatch-forest by TinCanLenny
Baribus Thatch-forest

This is my OC, Baribus Thatch, a Laggard from Half-continent (main land of the Monster Blood Tattoo book series by D. M. Cornish) and employee of the Heraldy family (also fan-made by me).

Originally a sailor on the Vinegar Seas, a chance meeting with a certain Lavinial Heraldy turned into a lifetime career as favored servant of the Heraldy family and personal factotum of its head, Viscount Orson Heraldy. Well trusted in all matters, Baribus became a leer in order to better serve his good master and protect him and his family from the many dangers lurking in the monster invested lands ofthe Haacobin Empire. However, when the cargo ships of Heraldy Shipping Company begin to disappear, Baribus is sent as an overseer and protector to see what the cause may be, be it man or monster, and put and end to it. But what he finds may be even worse than even he could’ve imagined.


Joseph Beryl by TinCanLenny
Joseph Beryl

This is Joseph Beryl, the third specter of my sinister Trio, as well as a little bit of concept art for a possible story arc in Bones & Batwings. But let’s hear about Jo~

In life, Joseph Beryl was a prodigious a sculptor, outdoors man and travel guide. He’s the eldest of 5, with his twin, Jared, being the second oldest. From the time they were young, they’d been rivals which only got worse with the others success. After years of rivalry, Jared decided to bury the hatchet and invited Joseph to join him on a mountaineering expedition in hopes of making amends. Joseph agreed and joined him on the expedition. But as they were climbing, things took a turn for the worse and Joseph ended up trapped in a cave after an avalanche.

Despite his efforts and circumstances, he still had the hope that his brother and the others would find him but he was never found.‏ It was 30 years after his death that Argus (the bat) found him and inquired as to why he stayed in the cave. Joseph, who still believed he was alive, told him that he was waiting to be rescued, assuring Argus that his brother would come. Argus asked how long he had been in there, to which Joseph replied that he didn’t know but that he couldn’t have fallen asleep for more than a few hours. It is then that Argus reveals to him his own corpse and that he had long since died from cold.

The realization shocks and distresses Joseph, who then becomes desperate to get out, find out what happened to his family and why he hadn’t been rescued. Seeing his distress, Argus attempts to calm him while subtly planting doubts and suspicions of Jared’s motives in Joseph’s mind. Soon his doubts and suspicions grew into a belief that his brother had purposely abandoned him in order to dig a final nail in their rivalry. Feelings of hurt, betrayal and disillusionment raged inside Beryl and he allowed his heart to freeze over, transforming him into the wintry specter seen today.

(Note!:This is actually part of a scene in a possible choose-your-own adventure where Beryl is kidnapping Vivi to use as leverage to either force Lewis to join Argus's other specters, or as a favor to Lewis if he's already part of the group, leaving Arthur and Mystery to freeze in the ski shack they were at at the time.)


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Alright, I did it! I finally submitted something onto Deviant art! Darwee Sosuke is the shining moment right now, but Togeking does have seniority over it since I did Togeking first but uploaded Darwee before it.



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